We are grateful for the chance to meet you and invite you to come grow with us in faith relationship with God. At Light House Church, (LHC), we hold the Word of God in highest regard, depend upon Him in prayer, rely upon His Holy Spirit, and worship Him with joy. We are not the perfect church, but we are committed to following Jesus Christ and serving others in His Name for His Glory. Each person who comes has a story and one thing is true about them all… God is the Hero of the Story! Together we are learning what it means to be followers of Christ, how to respond to the love of God and how to share it with everyone we meet. We look for ways to make Him known, to reach others with the Good News of His redeeming grace and offer hope to those who have not heard. With the common goal of Shining the Love of Christ on the Chain O’ Lakes, LHC is a bright spot in the dark, a beacon of hope, a place to call home. With a variety of ministries and service times, there is a place for you.

Welcome Home